Branislav Bane Jankovic

To speak of Bane Jankovic is to speak of Fenix Theatre, based on the children's poetry of renowned Yugoslav poets

Branislav Bane Jankovic (1936 - 2015)

Puppeteer, actor, musician, set designer, Bane Jankovic had something to say and he knew how to say it, in a highly professional manner and mastering his art to perfection.

To speak of Bane Jankovic is to speak of Teatro Fénix. Part of his theatrical work in the Phoenix Theatre is based on the children's poetry of well-known Yugoslav poets. For this reason he was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to the Popularisation of Children's Literature Award (Novi Sad, 1985). Bane Jankovic was a multifaceted professional, on the one hand an actor and puppeteer, on the other hand a musician and stage designer. Every appearance on stage, every appearance on television, every performance of the Phoenix Theatre became a unique and unrepeatable creation. Bane also participated in the founding of the exceptional Children's Spaces that were opened in seven of the most important national theatres in Serbia. During the war in Yugoslavia (1991-1999) he worked as an Ambassador of Theatre Art for refugee children in collaboration with the Serbian Red Cross.

Branislav Bane Jankovic, actor and puppeteer, set designer and musician, was a creator, author and director of several series in the television studios in NoviSad, Pristina, Sarajevo. In the period since 1979, when he acquired the status of Free Artist of Serbia, Bane Jankovic, together with Mima Jankovic, performed up to 4,000 performances in more than 900 cities in Serbia and the rest of the world, covering about 1.7 million kilometres. Their shows have been seen by more than 1,000,000 spectators in large metropolises, cities, towns and villages. In 1991, in Nis, Serbia, the biography "Mima and Bane, a life" by Timosenko Milosavljevic was published, covering his professional career and honouring the dignity of a life dedicated to the acting profession. In 1999, he moved to Spain, where he continued his artistic work until the end of his life in the same company that adapted his name, calling itself Teatro Pho.

Branislav Bane Jankovic Outstanding National Artist

In recognition of his dedication and commitment, Bane Jankovic received in 1991 the honorary award of Outstanding National Artist for his artistic and social work.

Bane Jankovic was involved in multidisciplinary experimentation.

In Maya-Marja Jankovic's What Happened to the Greek Gods? Bane developed the main link and union between the audience and the play that presents the eternal dilemma about universal existence, within the present day in which we are immersed.

Branislav Bane Jankovic


National and international festivals in which has been participated:

Festival de Teatro de Marionetas Serbia Bienal Yugoslava de Marionetas Bugojno Festival Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Novi Sad Festival de Monodrama y Pantomima Zemun Festival Internacional de Títeres en Esperanto de Zagreb (PIF) / Croacia Festival de Verano de Dubrovnik Festival de los Niños Sibenik Festival d'Ontinyent España Festival Internacional de Títeres de Upsala / Suecia Festival Internacional de Títeres de Sodertalje Suecia Festival Internacional de Títeres de Opol Polonia Festival de Títeres de Barcelona España Festival Internacional de Títeres de Bialystok Polonia Festival de Títeres en Miniatura de Plovdiv Bulgaria Festival del Humor de Gabrovo Bulgaria Festival Internacional de Bengazi / Libia Festival de Teatro de Títeres de los Balcanes de Sofia Bulgaria Festival de Teatro de Títeres de los Balcanes de Nis Serbia Festival Internacional de Teatro de Viladecans España


National and international awards for the artistic work:

Premio Zagreb PIF por la Mejor Actuación (1976) Premio Especial y Medalla de Oro por la Divulgación del Teatro de Títeres en Yugoslavia (1979) Premio Plovdiv de Teatro (1980) Bulgaria Premio Plovdiv de Teatro (1982) Bulgaria Premio Contribución Destacada a la Divulgación de la Literatura para Niños en Novi Sad (1985) Mejor Obra en Zagreb PIF (1986) 5ª Bienal de Teatro de Títeres de Bugojno (1987) Yugoslavia Premio del Jurado a la Mejor Interpretación y Manipulación por "Miniaturas" Premio TV Sarajevo a la Mejor Obra por "Miniaturas" Premio del Jurado de los Niños a la Mejor Obra por "Miniaturas" Premio Anual de la Comunidad Cultural y Educativa de Nis (1987) Premio KPZ Centro de Cultura de Nis por sus Logros Excepcionales en la Cultura (1987) Mejor Comunicación con el público en Zagreb PIF (1988) Premio a la Creación Global por la obra "El cuento de la pequeña libélula" en el Encuentro de Teatros Nacionales de Marionetas de Zrenjanin (1991) Serbia

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