by Teatro Pho

Performance, Special event

Participatory show that addresses the issue of equality with a significant dose of documentary work. Based on research into current legislation and popular culture, deeply rooted in our memories.

The "EL-LA" project has a work in progress format in which the audience is part of the process of construction of the content and is the backbone of the work, being an active and indispensable participant in its development.

The documentation phase takes place days before the show and is organized in stages. The first phase consists of relaxed conversations with citizens on the subject of gender equality in order to open a constructive dialogue and, at the same time, generate audiovisual content that will be linked to QR codes. This phase of the show will be supported by sociologists, psychologists, judges or lawyers, linguists... who will help us to identify and understand the small nuances of language and its consequences in society.

Artistic profile

Show poster

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