Etude #01

by Teatro Pho

Indoor theater

The metaphysical dimension of the work "ETUDE #01" is a challenge for all the creators involved in the project. A living scenic creation is sought, a constant creation that requires a permanent maturation process.

A long-term process that takes place over a period of years, approaching the limits of growth and development of each participating artist. Rehearsals and repetitions do not serve to polish an interpretative technique, instead a space opens up that leads to the next, and the next.... A process of creation that has had its roots for about 15 years and is now approaching the stage of communication with the spectators and will continue to evolve.

The human being needs metaphysical answers to the deepest and most essential questions, which transcend the merely physical. The central focus of the work "ETUDE #01" is to open the possibility of communication with the information sedimented in the subconscious and in the deepest cellular memory of the human being.

Artistic profile

TEXT & DIRECTION Mima Jankovic

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