Etude #01

by Teatro Pho

Indoor theater

The metaphysical dimension of the work "ETUDE #01" is a challenge for all the creators involved in the project. A living scenic creation is sought, a constant creation that requires a permanent maturation process.

Everything happens within a limited space, limited space of our lives. An actor in an almost ethereal setting within the dramaturgical composition of nine scenes (Annunciation/ Darkness/ Light/ Trapped/ Interrogation/ Ultimatum/ Death/ Returning home/ The house) develops a permanent dialogue with himself about everything that exists, looking for the answers in the depths of your inner being. It can be said that this process totally strips a human being and thus naked and weak he faces what we call life.

The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary experimental process, adding various sectors of the arts and new technologies, enables the construction of a void sustained by sound sculpture, luminous masses and projected video image structures. Within this space transformed into an apparently “limited-space/empty-space” the human being, his principles, his properties, his causes and his existence are questioned.

Artistic profile

Technical specifications

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